4-20-21 9:02  •  What do we know?

Lana: Look, I'm just being honest. It says right in the bible that you have to believe in Jesus or you will burn in hell.

Spare: I'm a Christian, so I'm going to try to be as nice as possible here. You're quoting things from the bible, so how about "thou shalt not judge"? How about "he who is without sin shall throw the first stone"?

You can't know what is in someone's heart. The thief on the cross repented right before he died and was saved.

You don't really need to know "what's in someone's heart" to realize that ordinary people who are Hindu or Muslim are not deathbed converting. If Christianity is true, they just burn.

KB: I do wonder where all the people who died before Jesus came along went though.... Everyone just went to hell since he hadn’t “died for our sins”?

And how did cavemen produce coins for the Ferryman to get across the River Styx?

KB: Isn’t there evidence cavemen buried their dead or otherwise had primitive funerals? Perhaps they left whatever possessions the deceased had for the afterlife. Shells, weapons, whatever. Supposing there is a ferryman across the River Styx he might be accepting of all kinds of currency.

Every single detail in every one of these stories is "supposed." None less than any other.

That should provide a sense of their relative accuracy.

KB: They help the living face a frightening reality: one day we’re going to die and no one knows what happens next. Also they help the living face the permanent and horrible loss of a loved one. If believing one needs a coin or a savior died so people can meet God helps I really have no problem with that. Whatever gives someone the strength to carry on is fine by me.

Unfortunately, we are sacrificing the survival of our civilization, and perhaps our species, and perhaps many species, on that comfort.

Sixty: Do you mean the belief in an afterlife sacrifices these things?

No, it is the claims of understanding, where clearly none exists. The distance between that lie and the truth is too much unreason for an advanced technological society to maintain. We are experiencing epistemic breach.

Sixty: True, good point.

KB: Not all religions do so. The pope has admonished Catholics to pay attention to climate change. I’m sure the Wiccan religion takes it very seriously.

It doesn't matter what religions say about climate when they are still making claims about gods. The claims about gods are the problem.

Pretending to know these things, when you know they don't, is making it harder to understand what we do know. It's like trying to preserve a bad marriage for the children. The longer the pretense is maintained the more it hurts everyone in the long run.

KB: Do I think the world would be better off if organized religion disappeared and we focused on spirituality? Yeah but it may not happen for a long time.

I do not think the world would be better off without religion, I think religion would be better if it was about the truth.

KB: All I’m going to say is something my father did: we can’t be certain a supreme being exists. Nor can we be sure he or she doesn’t. As far as the truth since we don’t even know of God exists we really can’t know much about this being.

KB, thanks for speaking with me about such an important subject.

If the only thing that the religions were saying was "Supreme Being Exists" they would be less problematic. But they are saying a lot more than that, and very, very specific. Is there one god, or many? Is God triune, or unitary? How do you get the "good" afterlife? Religions have answers to these, all very different. Humans answer these questions with the folktales of their tribe.

The folktales are obviously old stories, not different from ancient Greek or Egyptian or Sumerian myths. There is not a single piece of actual evidence anywhere that This will get you to heaven and That won't, etc. But most humans claim otherwise. These conflicting, baseless claims are divisive and undermining reason.

It's time to face the truth and stop basing religion on pretending the folktales are true. We can acknowledge that their folktales are folktales AND our folktales are folktales, instead of grinding lives away pretending that just one is true ("mine").

Karo said earlier, "Spirituality and a connection with the divine has always been part of our human nature and our social groups." The world is crying out for religion - a system in which to celebrate the milestones of life and learn how to be our best selves in joyous companionship with our fellows, a system that gives real moral guidance.

But what we are crying out for is truth, real stories about real things that reflect what we really understand now. Truth exists and is powerful. Religions could be about this. If they were, they could be a powerful tool of social organization to make human lives better.

Thanks again KB!

KB: What are you saying is the truth? That we don’t know God’s mind? Job touched on that.

We are here.

Are there gods? We don't know.

Is there an afterlife? We don't know.

How should we act? About that, we know a great deal, based on human wisdom from ancient times until now, more all the time, enough to discuss every week your whole life.

What is all this? Here's what we know so far.

What does it mean?

Let's find out.

Mare: Cut the pseudo intellectual, condescending judgement. Faith and "advanced technology" are not mutually exclusive. I get so very tired of those who believe in nothing looking down their nose, with their over inflated superiority, at those of us that posses the gift of faith as if we're some sort of rubes.

On the contrary, I think we should give people with the gift of faith the best possible stories to believe in - true stories.

Karo: And do YOU have this truth? How do you know one of those religions you call myths isn’t THE truth?

You and I know the exact same amount about this as every other human being, which is nothing. The difference is that I admit the truth.

Karo: No, we don’t all know the exact same amount. There are people who are more knowledgeable and people who are less knowledgeable. Maybe if you opened your mind a little more and realized the truth is bigger than what you can know, you wouldn’t see the knowledge you already have as “nothing”.

Allow me to clarify. We know a great deal more than humans have ever known. What is actually known can be shown.

However when it comes to the details about gods and the afterlife, you and I do not know anything about it and neither does any other human. Is that clearer?

Karo: You don't know me. You can't tell me what I know.

I know that you are not different from any other person.

Karo: And how do you know the stories they have aren’t real? Maybe they are real!


Karo: Ultimately, I’m no one to tell them that their stories are false and mine are real.

I know you wouldn't bring it up in polite company, but this is exactly what the major religions of the earth are each claiming.

Karo: So? I still wouldn’t tell them in any way that they should throw their stories away because they don’t sound real to ME.

So? So?

So the whole world is divided along theological lines, warring tribes are killing each other right now over it. Geopolitics is based on conflicting end times eschatology. Culture wars and hate crimes are fueled by ancient taboos. American politics have ground to a halt over it. Science and evidence are undermined, disregarded, while climate change accelerates.

Over these mutually exclusive, ancient folktales.

So...what people think matters. I don't agree that it's better to ignore it. The conflict will not go away.

Instead, I think acknowledging that we are all in the same boat - that no human knows more than any other about gods and the afterlife - could be a start. We do have this one thing in common. We could be connecting instead of dividing over it.

Thanks Karo!

4-18-21 1:06  •  Cops Shooting Black People

DeeDee: So many officer involved shootings! We should reform the police!

Melly: What are police supposed to do when there is an active shooter inside a school?

Ask them if they’d like to speak to a therapist?

There should be different kinds of civil responses for different situations. SWAT for active shooter, therapist for domestic dispute.

Melly: DV is the most dangerous call the cops get and you want to send a therapist!?

Not DV. DD. 100% therapist over SWAT.

Melly: Domestic disputes should be handled as a civil matter and that's what police will tell them. But they often turn into domestic disturbances or domestic violence.

Perhaps a counselor with the police, but I don't think they should be the only responders.

Counselors and unarmed civil dispute reconciliation experts should be the first responders.

Melly: That is a dangerous ideology. You're asking for people to walk into someone's home where they have the advantage.

The current ideology of having cops show up with guns to every argument is dangerous. Think Jacob Blake.

Not every problem in society is a nail and we will start treating them differently when we end hammer-only solutions.

Melly: Your ideologies are the things dreams are made of. You expect this world to be lollipops and cotton candy and it's not possible.

Yet, somehow other countries manage way better.

DeeDee: Those countries raise their children far differently than America does.

America doesn’t value manners as much as those countries, in America they raise their children to be the best, and to fight for their spot in the sun.

Those countries raise their children to act with manners before all else and to see the health of society as conditional to their own health.

So, a better life for human beings IS possible, and it doesn't take lollipops and cotton candy - just better social policies.

DeeDee: You can’t create social policy that controls people’s thought processes.

It’s not the laws that created the issue, it’s the way people think their children’s lives will be most benefited. The goals they set for the future, the lifestyle they believe supports the most happiness...

Social policy and people's thoughts are a constant feedback loop. People can observe how well policies work by comparing them. Countries can adopt policies that work better, from laws to habits. Improvement is possible.

DeeDee:Lol Americans throughout history have said, if England drives on the right, we drive on the left. You drink tea all day, we drink coffee. You write the date that way? Well, we write it this way.

You would have to change things as fundamental as the goals they set for their children while raising them.

That both changes and stays the same with every generation. We always want what's best for our kids. A few generations ago all we wanted for our daughters was for them to marry well. Now we might want them to be doctors or prime ministers. In a few generations we might want them to be cyborgs. Who knows what will be "best" in the future?

We have already changed so much, and a lot of it is for the better. We have reached the end of what the old systems can provide. We HAVE to create new ones or die. That will motivate a lot of change.

3-30-21 3:02  •  Churching

D: Did you hear? Church membership is down in the U.S. again this year.

E: I feel there is value in organized religion for communities through social outreach programs and mental health of members by helping the human psyche meet it's spiritual needs. So that's a bit sad for me to read.

There is a tremendous role for religion in society. Belonging to a group and spending time together thinking about how to live the best life is very healthy for the individual and the society. Religion is a linchpin for personal wholeness and social cohesion.

I can understand why people are not relying on the old religions. They are vaporware, making vast promises no one can confirm.

The world is desperate for new religions can that meet our needs for guidance and fellowship without having to make unsubstantiated claims. Those should not be mutually exclusive.

E: I have no experience with new religion, so I really cannot speak to this or visualize how this transition from old to new would work.

I think new religions could be the most interesting social development in centuries. The transition would be like from the wall phone to the i-phone - people seeing an exciting new technology and wanting to try it.

We have learned so much about the universe, about individual and social psychology, tools that can help people understand what makes groups work, how to be clear-minded and seek joy. These technologies can be intertwined with such strands of ancient wisdom as are verifiable, to present humans with true, reliable religions that really do what they say they can do.

For example, meditation has been verified again and again to produce a whole host of psychological benefits. So, new religions could include meditation as part of their practice and it would make them more effective.

Thanks E!

E: As a struggling Catholic & mediocre meditator, I have always felt that meditation mantras have quite a few similarities with many repetitive prayers & moments of silence.

As for the rest, it does sound exciting, yet, I am so ingrained with old religion bias, it is hard for me to understand how one would verify faith & God(s) (or super-being or whatever being the ideology supports), even with all the new knowledge, technology and science.

Faith, gods and super-beings are not integral to religion. New religions need not be concerned with them. Rather, they could focus on what is important - how to work together to live the best life.

E: My kids were raised Catholic but have no belief. I talk to yds and he said religion (Catholicism) is boring as well as illogical. And I can’t blame them.

This sounds like an opportunity for new religions based on something different. The new religions would just have to be interesting and logical.

3-17-21 12:57  •  That Day

V: Was there really an insurrection? Some of it was staged.

I can understand some partisan interpretation, but this is as plain as day. The January 6 mob at the Capitol was 1) Trump supporters, 2) there at his behest, to 3) overturn an election he lost. There is simply no question about it. Why are you doing this? What could possibly be worth lying to yourselves, and us, about this?

D:When are you cult members going to stop drinking the Kool aid and move on? Your Messiah lost, he's a has been. He sucked as a President and the people have spoken and booted his inept, narcissist, lying, racist ass out of office.

It's over. Biden is your President. Move on. You're embarrassing yourselves.

I'm not here to indulge in partisan rancor. I would just like an answer. What is this about?

V: Two of them were known Antifa!

You are trying to pretend this was anything other than what it actually was. This was a mass of Trump supporters doing Trump's bidding to overthrow the election. That's what it was. Why, why are you pretending otherwise?

G: It's easy for a softhead to "win" the presidency from his basement, just have Dominion switch votes for you!

Don't you ever gag on all the lies?

G: Just because you refuse to see and acknowledge them doesn't make them lies. It simply means you are telling lies to yourself.

No, what makes them lies is that they are completely wrong. Dominion did not change votes. Trump did not actually win the election. Trump led an insurrection and the whole thing is on video for the world to see. If there was the least bit of reason to think otherwise, someone, somewhere would have made it public. There is no conspiracy so vast and complete that it could make your version possible yet undetectable. It looks and quacks like an insurrection because it IS.

But the worst thing is that you KNOW this. You all know this. That is what makes them lies.

Owning the libs is not worth selling your souls. Our society is drowning in lies, lies, lies, thousands from the last pres alone. You are making it worse, here, every day.

These lies make me sick. They are destroying democracy. I just can't believe you don't gag yourself.

3-15-21 12:57  •  White Caste

G: Columbia University is having six different graduations, like a Hispanic Graduation and a Black Graduation. That is so racist. So would a White graduation be okay?

That's what all graduations used to be. If it is meant to hearken back to that time, then no.

G: So we can't celebrate White culture?

There is no "white culture." American culture includes all kinds of people. White is not a race, or an ethnicity. It is a class, which exists only in contrast to other skin tones.

G: An all black graduation is just as racist.

White is not a race, it is a caste.

3-15-21 12:57  •  Vent Figs

East: The pope has said that the Catholic Church cannot bless gay marriages.

More people using gods as vent figures.

G: Are they forcing you to believe it? Why can't you leave them alone!

Am I forcing you to think?

G: No, maybe it's forcing YOU to think!

Sure, let's think about it. Is the pope right?

East: What about all the evil athiest regimes? Since you are blaming gods.

Exactly wrong, the pope is blaming gods.

G: You’re the one who says that Catholics are using God as a vent. So if those who condemn homosexuality need a vent because there’s no legitimate way anyone can think it’s wrong...

Wow, no. "Vent Fig" is showbiz talk for a ventriloquist figure. It means, people claim it's gods that are talking, but you can see their lips moving.

G: That makes you just as much of a puppet!

I said the pope is claiming to speak for gods and he certainly is.

The gods are the puppets. He is doing the voice.

3-14-21 10:52  •  Pi Day

Kell: Yes, upsetting the oppressor is usually a consequence of demanding change.

Mio: You need to decide who the oppressor is.

Is it police? The government? White people? Men? Corporations? Employers? The Military? All of them?

Oppression is always by the upper class of the lower class. Those identities change but the structure never does.

Mio: So this is an eternal dilemma that every society has known and will always know until we create a utopia?

I think it is a natural part of human behavior. We evolved in small bands which were arrayed into a hierarchy for survival. All social groups, from classrooms to family reunions, tend to array themselves by rank. When applied at the state level it results in classes.

However the very purpose of civilization is to change our natural tribal behaviors into ways that work better for larger groups. We have already changed a lot. The most oppressive hierarchies - institutional slavery - have been completely done away with. We have acknowledged women as equals, claimed that all groups are equal under the law. We have yet to solidify those gains, but, they are new, it takes time. The next great challenge will be to overcome rank by wealth.

There is no utopia, there is only better than before. Do I think we could get better than now? Yes, but only if we really understand.

Mio: Can there be a system of government that achieves equality while at the same time valuing capitalism?

Probably not, but that is a problem for the far distant future. For the time being, we could have much less oppressive inequality and still value capitalism by understanding its limitations. Capitalism does not work on its own to lift all society, it also requires socialism. They can only work together.

Along with democracy, it looks something like this:

An even better solution would be to replace Capitalism with Syndicalism. Instead of being owned by a few people, ventures would be owned by the people who work in them. It's still a market economy but most businesses would be co-ops. This would be even less oppressive inequality.

Esty: I respectfully disagree. By it's nature, capitalism is about a supply and demand, distributing wealth based on these principles.

Actually, capitalism refers to the ownership structure. Supply and demand is a feature of market economics which could exist under a variety of ownership structures.

Esty: True capitalism creates equality.

The New Deal turned capitalism into an engine for equality by regulating it and returning some of the gains to the bottom. That is the socialism half that made it work, that is why I say they can only work together.

Esty: somewhere capitalism has become unrecognizable even though we love to keep using the term.

No, this is the real capitalism. We were more protected from it before.

Esty: And we can agree to disagree, I was taught this is mixed capitalism and I do not believe it promoted equality. Nor do I think the structure we have today promotes equality, but I really don't feel it's true capitalism.

I don't disagree, this IS mixed capitalism. That's the part that worked. After the New Deal, when the mix was at its highest, we created the Middle Class, the most egalitarian institution which has ever existed.

The protections which created the middle class have been stripped away. We are returning to more capitalism and less socialism and headed back into Robber Baron territory. You are right, the structure today does not promote equality. Capitalism only creates a middle class when it is forced to.

2-28-21 10:52  •  Truth in Religion

SN: Why does Christianity have so many denominations?

LB: It’s simple really. in short we can’t agree on one stupid thing.

That is because there is no way to check.

LB: People believe very different things.

Therein lies the problem. Religious beliefs are mutually exclusive. So, some of them are wrong. But, there is no way to tell which are wrong and which are right.

So, it's mainly a geographic salvation lottery. Some will luckily have parents that told it to them just right. Others will burn in hell.

Kind of makes the earth a big Hell factory.

LB: People have different ideas about the afterlife.

Nobody really knows anything about it at all. Not one thing.

LB: It would be so boring if everyone believed the same thing.

I think it would be cool if there were lots of different religions based on different styles of worship...some celebratory, some ritualistic, etc. But I don't think religious differences should be based on things nobody knows, like what day of the week God wants you to take off. Why do people claim to know this?

LB: If you don't believe why do people care?

The fact that humans have constructed these massive contradictory edifices of pure conjecture which they are required by fear to uphold without scrutiny is causing the breakdown of reason. It's a big problem.

LB: Of course there are many examples where people care too much about peoples' lives when it is none of their business.

Religions are not just personal. They are gigantic institutions which exert a huge influence on society and are answerable to nobody. They make really specific claims of knowledge about things no human actually knows. There is no way to determine if they are even close.

We should demand more of religion.

LB: What do you mean by “demand more”? You’re free to choose your own beliefs and live by them. Live and let live. If you don’t want people imposing their religious views on you, don’t make demands from them to suit your wants.

No one is imposing. You are free to settle. Others are free to demand more from the systems we live by, like accountability.

LB: Again. What do you mean?

I mean religions should be true. Anything less is a Big Lie.

Also that people should be accountable for what they claim is true, and what they tell kids is true. Otherwise society has no way to tell the difference and the lies start piling up.

LB: Do YOU know a truth we all ignore?

I have said this truth many times over the years and yes, many are ignoring it. But I will say it again.

The truth is that no person has the least knowledge of what gods are like, or what the afterlife is like. No person knows what the gods want from humans, if anything. We have no details at all.

Pretending otherwise is killing us.

LB: I’m sorry, but sometimes your replies seem so arrogant, as if you get an ego boost by putting down others, mainly those with strong religious beliefs as either being irrational or dumb. It’s very disconcerting, so correct me if I’m wrong.

I am using the plainest language I can. Yes, this discussion is disconcerting. But, truth is extremely important. It is the only thing that works.

I appreciate you engaging with me about it. Thank you once again.

2-26-21 10:52  •  Okay With God

Kiki: Question for those who don’t “believe” in transgenderism. Is it because you have a religious point of view that makes you think god wants everyone to act a certain way?

AS: What do you exactly mean by “not believing”?

I mean, no one can deny that there are people out there who believe they’re the wrong gender. So it happens. What “beliefs” are you referring to? What is it that I’m supposed to “believe” or “not believe”?

That it's "okay" or "not okay."

Kiki: Believe that they are valid human beings, deserving of rights and enough respect to not be attacked. That they don’t deserve to be physically or verbally attacked for being trans.

AS: Well, I don’t believe transgenderism is biological, I think it’s psychological. But I definitely think no one should be attacked for it and definitely not be seen as “invalid” human beings, whatever that is.

Also, is it okay with God.

AS: Ah well, I’m guessing “no”. God doesn’t make mistakes.

But that still doesn’t give ME license to mistreat a fellow human being or prevent them from using their God given free will.

"You are not okay with God" is mistreating.

AS: .. I’m not following you...being OK with God is a matter between a person and God. It’s not for me to say.

"Ah well, I’m guessing “no”. God doesn’t make mistakes" is you saying.

2-24-21 10:52  •  Farmer Bill

SN: Bill Gates is trying to rule the world. He owns more farmland than anyone in history.

LB: ...you think as you type on your PC computer. If Gates is out of control, we have only ourselves to blame. We enabled him. If he's a monopoly, we should look in the mirror.

What was the consumer alternative to enabling Gates and Jobs? Eschew computers? Choose off-brands?

2-23-21 10:52  •  Left and Right

KT: The right has no self-awareness at all. They accused us of Trump Derangement but look at how they flip out over Biden. The right is a farce.

Newt Gingrich was the first to realize that the U.S. system was running mainly on convention rather than rules. Like an enterprising gamer, he found bugs in the democratic system he could exploit for political gain. It's been the right-wing playbook ever since, barely challenged by the corporate left. This, along with the end of Fairness in Broadcasting, began the shifting of the Overton Window from principled opposition to death to our enemies.

It's easy to understand why people are upset. It's too hard to get by. Why is everything important so expensive? Why has life been getting harder instead of easier for decades? Why is the earth becoming unlivable?

The answer is disgustingly obvious. Capitalism alone doesn't work. We have got to enlarge our thinking or die.

What will it take?

2-22-21 2:22  •  Totalitarian Biden

Lendy: The U.S. is becoming a totalitarian state under Biden!

Oh, the totalitarianism - of the majority of voters, to enact sinister policies - for better health. Watch out, you might live longer.

2-22-21 2:22  •  Coke and a Smile

KT: Coca-Cola Corp just stepped in it. A leaked memo says they are using sensitivity training to get people to be "less white," also "less arrogant, less certain, less defensive, less ignorant and more humble."

Lendy: Can you imagine telling people to be "less Asian" or "less Black?" That's racist as hell!

I'm not offended in the least. I wish everyone would be "less arrogant, less certain, less defensive, less ignorant and more humble," especially those in historically dominant positions in the social hierarchy.

Lendy: You may not be but there are others who easily could be and understandably so.

I would like to understand why you were offended. Can you explain?

Lendy: It was inherently racist with the whole "be less white" part. It was not for everyone to be less anything. This should never have happened at all. It's insanely racist and that is not acceptable.

Not everything that mentions race is "inherently racist." They are not telling white people to be less white. They are saying they would like a corporate culture that is less systematically supportive of traditional structural inequalities, and that's a clumsy but well-intentioned step in the right direction. Coke should be colorless instead of white, right?

Lendy: Anything that targets someone for their race, color of skin, religion, sex, etc should be seen as offensive.

They are not targeting any person. They are describing what they want their corporate culture to be like. Mainstream American culture was "more white" in the 50s and 60s and became "less white" in the 70s and that is an achievement.

Lendy: You don’t think it would have been offensive if it said “ be less black”?

It would have been offensive if it said "be less black" because that would mean something completely different.

Lendy: How is be less black different from be less white. When they say be less white they are talking about white people and skin color.

It is not for the dominant culture to look at a subaltern culture and say "be less black." That is just more of the same oppression. On the other hand, it is completely appropriate for a dominant culture to take a look around and say to each other, damn, it's pretty white around here. We haven't changed enough with the times. Let's reach outside the traditional structural inequalities.

To make money, to be sure, but when done well it does move the needle. They'd like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony.

Lendy: That’s just your way to justify racism against white people. Slippery slope. Either racism is bad in all cases or you are ok with racism. It can’t go both ways. Enough with the white guilt, people!

Racism is systematic oppression. This was an attempt to address systematic oppression. This is why it's systematic - any attempt to change it causes offense.

They should have tried harder to get it right. It can be done. As I mentioned, their Christmas commercial in the 70's was part of a major structural shift toward equality.

OP: "They" should be more conscious of how it can come across. Suggestion that other's be "less" of who they are is offensive for many. Imagine how POC have felt when told they should be less black? What will be next? Not Coca Cola but corporations, employers, even friend's stating that people need to be "less" Asian? Jewish? Palestine? Muslim? Atheist? Homosexual? Native American?

We could keep going.

There's magic in wording and insults, too. Taking time to learn the differences between the two is helpful.

Dominant cultures ordering subaltern cultures around is status quo. Dominant cultures questioning themselves is fair game and part of a process of growth.

Understanding that difference is what this is about.

BH: It wasn't a statement on the culture becoming less white, it was telling employees to act less white.

How people act is what the culture consists of.

BH: It's perfectly understandable why that would be an extremely offensive statement if you substituted "white" for any other race.

Yes, it would be extremely offensive if white people substituted "white" with any other race. However white culture questioning its own actions is utterly fair game, and overdue.

BH: Why is it that we can easily see the problem when speaking about any other race?

Only one race is historically responsible for the systematic oppression of other races in the United States.

BH: Yes, I fully agree.

Does that mean you view racism as more of a wheel, whereas there must be one part on the way up and one part on the way down?

Not at all. "Race" does not even exist, it is just a convenient construct Americans stumbled upon for maintaining the power structure.

However the greatest advancements of human civilization have been to share power, rather than concentrate it. The more widely the power in society is shared the more it benefits everyone. I think the moral arc of the universe bends toward equality.

BH: So does “ being less white” mean holding yourself back? Oppressing yourself? Don’t be or work to your fullest potential because you are white?

They were pretty specific about it. "Less arrogant, less certain, less defensive, less ignorant and more humble." Those are all good things.

BH: Are white people typically arrogant, defensive, and ignorant?

Dominant American culture is very arrogant, defensive and ignorant. We're kind of known for it worldwide. That is how dominant cultures maintain their dominance. How any individual chooses to express that cultural ideal is of course a personal choice.

Coke is asking employees to think about that choice instead of continuing to thoughtlessly express culturally-embedded prejudices.

2-21-21 2:21  •  End Times Israel

Wendy: Now Biden will not even say if Israel is an important ally or not.

Lendy: Of course they are. American Evangelicals are very supportive of Israel.

The reason why many American evangelical Christians support Israel is a very cynical one which I'm surprised any Jewish person is okay with. Evangelicals think modern Israel is a portent of the End Times, when Jesus will return and when two-thirds of Jews (those who fail to accept Him) will be killed (Zechariah 13:8-9).

2-13-21 3:03  •  Trump Acquitted

Soho: I think they are going to acquit Trump of inciting insurrection.

Too: He's an ass, but this falls far short of the legal definition of incitement.

The emphasis should never have been on whether Trump "incited," which is unfortunately rather subjective. However there is no question that he wanted the election results overturned and told his boobs they could make it happen. Then he let them rampage unchecked for hours, then he "loved" what they did.

Trump is guilty of insurrection.

Soho: They did it. Senate voted 57 - 43 to acquit.

Play fascist games, win fascist prizes.

Read more in the Archives.